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Popular Blogging Topics for 2013


Tweet I have been posting popular blogging topics for the past couple years. This would be my 3rd I believe. Maybe the 4th. Use these ideas to start a blog that gets the maximum amount of traffic. Politics – This made my number one spot for 2013 because of how heated the presidential election is […]

Popular Blogging Topics for 2011


Tweet In early 2010, I wrote an article on the popular blogging topics for the year. I wanted to start 2011 off right with a new list of blogging topics that will be very popular this year. To kick this off, let’s start with the ultimate controversy. In 2010, Wikileaks was a major development and […]

How Do You Come Up With So Much to Say?


Tweet That’s the question my wife asked me. “How do you come up with so much to say?”. That’s when I told her that she should start a blog. Well, to answer that question, you basically just take a small topic, and you discuss it in detail. This is totally an example. I took the […]

How Have Your Blogging Skills Evolved?


Tweet I started my official blog here back in February of 2010. It is not very old. But in that time, I have noticed some changes in my blogging style. At first, I just wanted to get my words out there and share myself with the world. I used to post smaller articles, and within […]