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Spam Will No Longer Be Approved


Tweet I didn’t want to post this, but I felt at this point that I had no choice. For my regulars, this has nothing to do with you so no worries. But for others, I have to warn you that you are wasting your time spamming this blog with keywords. What encouraged me to write […]

Wow, Blog Marketing Post Attracts Spam


Tweet I posted a blog recently about marketing through blog commenting, and so far I have received about 50 spam comments from stupid people who obviously didn’t read the post. The funny thing is that they actually created an account here and were on this site rather than using a spam bot. If you read […]

No Spam Blog Marketing


Tweet When someone says blog marketing, you tend to think about comment spamming. You would either go somewhere and submit a copy/paste comment on a related (or unrelated) blog, or you would get an automated software to do it for you. The problem with that is that blogs like mine, which provide unique quality content […]