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The Ups and Downs of Ecommerce


Tweet There is one thing that I have always hated about e-commerce websites. I use scripts like cre loaded or oscommerce, and they are plain Jane. I have to install the script after creating a database, then I have to design it before I can even get to the actual commerce. It’s horrible. Today, I […]

Are You an Ecommerce Millionaire?


Tweet I got home last night from my week-long trip to Atlanta. I was there as an expert witness in a Federal copyrights and patents case. My client had a very successful e-commerce business, and his website was stolen and sold to the competition. In the end, there was a large settlement. What made me […]

Making Money Online: PART 2


Tweet This is the 2nd part of a series. See part 1 here. My previous post focused on topics like starting a service based business or blogging and marketing it online for an extra income. I want to focus more on another kind of internet income this time. Quite a few people make some serious […]

Wow, Blog Marketing Post Attracts Spam


Tweet I posted a blog recently about marketing through blog commenting, and so far I have received about 50 spam comments from stupid people who obviously didn’t read the post. The funny thing is that they actually created an account here and were on this site rather than using a spam bot. If you read […]