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My New Ebook Is FREE! Learn Everything About Blogging!


Tweet I am proud to announce that I released my new ebook “Blogging For Income – The Fast Track Plan For High Traffic & Big Profits” yesterday. I sent it out to my blogging buddies first so that they all day the chance to distribute it, then I sent it to my newsletter subscribers. Today […]

Promote Your Posts on My Blog


Tweet During my day(s) off, I am inviting bloggers to promote their best work on my blog. I stress that you can only promote your best work. It does not matter if your best work is not new. Your best work can be a guest post also. To promote your post, provide 2-3 sentences of […]

Guest Posting: The Holy Grail of Blog Traffic


Tweet When I first set out to start taking blogging seriously, my biggest concern was where the traffic was going to come from. Yes, even an internet marketing expert with 15+ years of experience was terrified about how long it would take to generate traffic to his blog. But it didn’t take long for me […]

My Marketing Skinned the Cat. OUCH!!


Tweet There is more than one way to skin the cat. That is the same saying that can be compared to the marketing industry. As a blog owner, you are probably searching the ends of the earth scrambling to find a winning combo that brings you unique visits. The good thing is that those unique […]