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Do You Want to Live Off of Google Adsense?


Tweet Many people are working online with Google these days. Sure, it’s tougher to make lots of money with Google Adsense now, but with the right training, you can be one of the heavy-hitters. Making money with Adsense is all about numbers, placements, and content. Combine the three, and you can quit your job in […]

Adsense: The Good, the Bad, and It’s Ugly


Tweet I have been using Adsense for as long as I can remember. I used to build mortgage lead generation sites, and Adsense did me good on those at times. I have even experimented with those bulk MFA sites you buy off of Ebay. Suffice it to say, I have plenty of experience with making […]

I Am Considering Removing Adsense


Tweet I have thought long and hard about this, and I am considering removing the Google Adsense from this blog as I feel it is not performing as well as other options may. I currently make around $5 per day or less from the adsense ads, and I plan on getting that to a minimum […]

Learning How to Market Your Business


Tweet You started a business, you got a website created, and you are ready to open up your internet doors. But wait. What’s that sound? Its crickets… You thought that if you built it, they will come? Reality is this. There are billions (if not trillions) of web pages on the net. Even if yours […]

Blogging Advice That’s Bad


Tweet I was reading through some articles on AC today, and I ran across one on paid blogging. The writer seemed to push their negative experience in making money on the reader. She wrote about how hard it is, and how you may be blogging for an entire year and never see a dime. But […]