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Using SEO for Practical Online Marketing


Tweet Search engine optimization is more important today than it ever was. There are those out there that will disagree, but as a marketing professional, I rely on hands-on knowledge rather than industry gossip. Without search engine optimization and search engine marketing, a company can easily end up going out of business before they get their feet […]

Guest Post for Adsense Revenue Sharing


Tweet I have just decided to make this a revenue sharing blog. From now on, any guest post that appears here will have adsense displayed. This means that by guest posting on this blog, you will earn an adsense revenue share and benefit from my traffic. The reason I added this was to add incentive […]

The Trick Behind Guest Posting


Tweet Over the course of my blogging career, I have guest posted on many blogs big to small. What I learned was that there is a downfall to guest posting. Do not let this steer you away from guest posting, as it is still one of the biggest sources of traffic that you will ever […]

You Made a Mistake by Not Guest Posting Here


Tweet As you know, guest posting is a great way to drive traffic to your own blog. It is also a great way to build backlinks. But how do you decide where you are going to guest post? The title of this post made it sound like I am holding a grudge because I don’t […]

Guest Posting Gone Crazy!


Tweet As you may know, over the past couple of months I have been guest posting like crazy. It has come to the point where every other blogger in a similar niche to mine expects me to contact them any day now. I decided to dedicate a post to promoting some of these guest posts […]

I Am Looking for Guest Posters


Tweet Any takers? I would love to feature some guest posters here. This blog gets a LOT of traffic, and you will benefit from it by having your expertise published. I am looking for guest posts on blogging, making money online, and internet marketing. If you have something around those topics then please let me […]

Blogging Timelines for Different Bloggers


Tweet 2010 is a tough time for many writers who wish to become successful bloggers. The handful of mega-successful bloggers out there have gotten there after working hard for long periods of time. But do you know how long it took for each one to make enough money to quit their jobs and work on […]

Keeping Your Blog Afloat When You’ve Burned Out


Tweet Running a blog is tough when you first start out and it’s not making any money. That’s when you are in it for money anyway. You have a real life to live, and work to do to pay the bills. You have a family to take care of, and sitting down at the computer […]

Contest: How Many Blog Posts Can You Publish in a Day?


Tweet This is a contest. How many blog posts can you publish in a single day? What do you win? Your personal knowledge that you are capable of doing it should you need to. There are blogs out there (unlike mine) that hire writers to create unique content for their blogs. They offer the writers […]

Uncategorized and Other Blogging Mistakes


Tweet Managing a blog is not a task to take lightly. It is labor intensive, and will eat up a good chunk of your time. That’s why it is understandable that people sometimes make mistakes. The key is to recognize those mistakes and correct them from then on. A few of those mistakes are: Uncategorized […]