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My New Ebook Is FREE! Learn Everything About Blogging!


Tweet I am proud to announce that I released my new ebook “Blogging For Income – The Fast Track Plan For High Traffic & Big Profits” yesterday. I sent it out to my blogging buddies first so that they all day the chance to distribute it, then I sent it to my newsletter subscribers. Today […]

Why Your Article Gets No Attention


Tweet So you’ve spent so much time writing what you thought was a great idea. You published it, but you have yet to get one single comment that isn’t spam. You are sad 🙁 But be happy because I am about to tell you where you dropped the ball! There is more to writing an […]

How Ritalin Made Me a Better Blogger


Tweet Just a couple of years ago, I decided to pursue a treatment for ADD which I have had for years. Actually, when I was less fat and more teenager, I had ADHD and was always moving. Now I am mostly lazy and just can’t pay attention well. But the reason for me seeking treatment […]

My New Book Is in Progress


Tweet I have been mulling over a new topic to write about in the form of a print book. I have decided that it would be an extensive book on blogging. I have already started my new book and expect to be finished with my manuscript in 3 months. The book will cover every subject […]

The Anti-Bandwagon: ALL ABOARD!


Tweet I have spent some time today browsing other blogs, and I have noticed that they all seem the same in a way. Their writing style; the need to sound professional; their butt-kissing of other popular blogs hoping to get trackbacks or a mention from another blogger; and the list goes on. You can say […]