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Weird Ways to Make Money


Tweet My research into money making has brought me to some interesting websites. I have found many weird ways to make money. One such way was with a few lotto subscriptions. I know, it sounds bogus, but stick with me for a second. On the Illinois lottery website, I can get a mega millions subscription […]

Empower Your Money-Making Future With Positive Thought


Tweet This isn’t the usual blogging and marketing advice that you are familiar with on my blog. I did however, feel a need to get this message out because it has changed my life in a major way. For years, I have been bombarded with messages of positive thought, but I totally ignored them. I believed […]

Do You Truly Sacrifice for Change?


Tweet When I was a kid, I would fantasize about being rich. I even knew that it would happen before I became an adult (that didn’t happen). As a matter of fact, it took years beyond turning 18 before I made a significant amount of money on my own. As time went by, I realized […]

5 Things to Consider Before Blogging


Tweet This is a guest post by William, from Countless people under estimate everything it takes to make a living blogging.  I had no clue what I was getting into the first time I stated a blog.  Like so many others, I thought it would be a breeze. For some irrational reason there were […]