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I Will Give You $100,000


Tweet Over the many years that I have been in business, I have made a lot of money. I will admit that it started slowly, with my first year only making a grand total of $500, but after that it was all downhill riding. My income has come from various ventures, with seo services, web […]

Should You Stop at Just Blogging?


Tweet For those of you that know me very well, you know that I originally started this blog to promote my ebook “Step by Step Guide to Making One Million Dollars” which I released on Amazon. That was before I re-released it in it’s PDF version and offered it free to newsletter subscribers. After awhile, I decided […]

I Quit Blogging Because This Business Sucks!


Tweet Wow, what a motivation title. I didn’t really quit blogging, just in case any of my regulars had a mini heart attack. I just wanted to catch your undivided attention for awhile. I didn’t bring you here with such a startling title so I can sell you something. I did it because I have […]

Ways to Make Money Online That You Never Thought Of


Tweet Since 2002 I have been working from home. I have been self-employed ever since I bought my first software for search engine submission back in the old days. At first, I started with only a few hundred bucks that year. As time went on, my income grew from self employment. It eventually grew into […]

Reviving Old Posts: How to Get Comments, and Make Money From Old Articles


Tweet Reviving old posts is something you should think about after your blog starts getting some good traffic and commentators. But how to go about that is a question among many bloggers. I would like to share a few tips that I have figured out along the way. Keep in mind that these tips will […]

Making Money Online: PART 1


Tweet This is part 1 to a series of blog posts about making money online. I can’t write everything down into a single post because it might not keep reader interest if too long. I have been working for myself since 2002. I started with an ecommerce store, and graduated to an seo company. After […]