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Killer SEO: Not Having It Will Destroy Your Blog!


Tweet I have been working with search engine optimization since I was 13. I am 29 now, which means I have 16 years of trial and error experience under my belt. Since 2002, I have been doing seo professionally and making some very good money at it. I decided to write this lengthly post because […]

Uncategorized and Other Blogging Mistakes


Tweet Managing a blog is not a task to take lightly. It is labor intensive, and will eat up a good chunk of your time. That’s why it is understandable that people sometimes make mistakes. The key is to recognize those mistakes and correct them from then on. A few of those mistakes are: Uncategorized […]

Making Money Online: PART 2


Tweet This is the 2nd part of a series. See part 1 here. My previous post focused on topics like starting a service based business or blogging and marketing it online for an extra income. I want to focus more on another kind of internet income this time. Quite a few people make some serious […]

Learning How to Market Your Business


Tweet You started a business, you got a website created, and you are ready to open up your internet doors. But wait. What’s that sound? Its crickets… You thought that if you built it, they will come? Reality is this. There are billions (if not trillions) of web pages on the net. Even if yours […]

Hire a Blogger, Save a Tree


Tweet Looking for a way to keep your website updates with fresh content without having to actually spend time researching and typing? If you hire a blogger, you can get the content requirements that you need without using your precious time as an investment. You can find bloggers to write 1,000 word articles for as […]