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Getting Your Business Online


Tweet In a previous post, you were given the option of having a low cost website setup. If you have chosen this option then great. If not, then you will need to seriously consider getting your business online. In this day and age, every serious business has an online presence. Having a business website legitimizes […]

Size Does Matter


Tweet Ok, so you may have come here looking for information on how to work your boat, but that’s not what this article is about. This is about the size of articles. Normally I say that it doesn’t really matter if your article is small or large. What matters are it’s contents and how valuable […]

Forget a Home, I Live in My Blog


Tweet I find myself on the backend of my blog daily. Not just daily, but multiple times a day. The reason for this is that it is becoming a successful blog now. I watch my live stats and it is rare for there not to be a visitor or multiple search engine spiders reading a […]

Hire a Blogger, Save a Tree


Tweet Looking for a way to keep your website updates with fresh content without having to actually spend time researching and typing? If you hire a blogger, you can get the content requirements that you need without using your precious time as an investment. You can find bloggers to write 1,000 word articles for as […]