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How Closing Comments Can Lose Loyal Readers


Tweet I was going to call it a day on posting, but one thing that keeps bothering me had to be written right away before I forgot and got irritated the next time it came around. That thing is that some blogs turn off comments after 30 days, or another timeline set by them. An […]

Is Your Blog Modern? It Can Be…


Tweet Blogging has changed in 2010, and it is nothing like it was in the 90’s. This is the reason why so many blogs fail due to a lack of instant success. Bloggers are still working with the 90’s mindset. Today though, I have brought my blog into the future. How you ask? Video. Ok, […]

How to Remove Defamation Online


Tweet You may be someone who posted some personal information online, and later regretted it. Or perhaps you are the victim of a blog author who wanted to get revenge for some reason or another. Maybe you are on the receiving end of a bad business transaction, and the other party posted your name on […]