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Using SEO for Practical Online Marketing


Tweet Search engine optimization is more important today than it ever was. There are those out there that will disagree, but as a marketing professional, I rely on hands-on knowledge rather than industry gossip. Without search engine optimization and search engine marketing, a company can easily end up going out of business before they get their feet […]

New Sales Position Open


Tweet I normally post this information on the careers page of my web design company, but this time I am posting it here because it is a commission based sales job. I am very generous with my commission sales positions, and I give you 50% of the initial cost for search engine optimization with a […]

Free Coaching for IBP Buyers


Tweet Until the end up January 2011, I will be providing 2 weeks of consulting and coaching to anyone that buys a copy of IBP Standard, and 4 weeks free for those that buy IBP Professional from this link. After you purchase the best seo software on the planet, forward your receipt to me at […]

How Important Is Your Traffic From Google?


Tweet For those of you just starting out, this may not be the article you are looking for. However, if you are a long-term blogger that has been doing it for awhile, you may be interested in tracking how much of your traffic is coming from Google. Remember firstly that traffic must come from multiple […]

Are You Getting Top 10 Rankings Yet?


Tweet Back when search engine optimization was still a mysterious thing for the majority of the population, I came across a software that has since kept my loyalty. That software is Internet Business Promoter. You can download a free demo of their software, and if you buy, you have a 100% money back guarantee if […]

Google Instant on SEO News


Tweet This is a guest post by Dan Stevens @ As a blogger and an SEO professional myself, I always try to stay on top of the latest news and developments in the field of search engine marketing and optimization. A significant part of that effort has to do with following various SEO news […]

Killer SEO: Not Having It Will Destroy Your Blog!


Tweet I have been working with search engine optimization since I was 13. I am 29 now, which means I have 16 years of trial and error experience under my belt. Since 2002, I have been doing seo professionally and making some very good money at it. I decided to write this lengthly post because […]

How to Build Your Email List With Google’s Help


Tweet This is a guest post by Alex Whalley If building a list is so critical to online success, wouldn’t it make sense to get help from as many places as we can. Google provide the biggest helping hand anyone can get online and bloggers use it all the time to help get their content […]

CSS vs Tables. Why Styles Have the Advantage in Your Seo


Tweet Back when I first started coding html, I learned how to do so with tables. I was self taught, and I spent hours upon hours learning new things. Eventually, there wasn’t a single thing that I was unable to do with tables. As an seo expert though, I changed with the times. Tables were […]

The SEO Book for Bloggers… Make These Changes for Greatness


Tweet Why an SEO Book for Bloggers? I decided to write an in-depth tutorial on search engine optimization (seo book for bloggers) for my fellow bloggers because it is a topic I am very knowledgeable about. I have been doing seo since I was 13 and I have over 15 years experience in the field. […]