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I Am Currently Seeking Writers to Barter With


Tweet I am looking for writers that can write 50 pages worth of content for ebooks, and would like to barter for my graphic design services. You will be a ghostwriter for these projects. If you have the skills and are willing to trade services, contact me at and make sure to include examples […]

FREE Coaching for a C# Developer


Tweet I just invested in a Windows server, and I’m looking for a C# developer to teach me .Net for web development. I like to learn by doing and asking questions, in that order, so I am bartering. My offer is to teach you how to make money online from home, in exchange for your […]

Can Any of My Readers Help Me Learn VB.Net?


Tweet A personal goal of mine for many years has been to learn Visual Basic.Net and a few other languages. Another top language goal is C# (C Sharp). The end goal is to develop many useful Windows applications, and eventually some games. I know I have a vast readership here, and a very supportive one. […]

Are You Living Beyond Your Means Yet?


Tweet It might sound like bad advice for me to tell you to live beyond your means, but I assure you that it’s not. For many years, I have gotten things on barter that I did not have the money for at the time. Now-a-days, I barter for fun, and out of habit. And often, […]

iPad Is the 1st Apple Product I Support


Tweet I have been an advocate of pushing negative reviews on Apple products for years. My dad first introduced me to Apple many years ago. His words of wisdom were “don’t buy an electronic named after a fruit because it’s bound to go bad”. I have been against Apple products mainly because of the setup […]