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How Would You Like FREE Advertising?


Tweet Let’s get straight to the point. I have been busy writing books, and selling them. My most successful platform for selling ebooks is through Amazon. My latest project is a book of interviews from the top “work at home” gurus out there, and some of the lesser known ones. Here’s where you come in… […]

Start a Business From Home This Year


Tweet As the economy continues to struggle, I see more and more people deciding to work for themselves. Nobody trust’s corporate America anymore, or any corporation for that matter… If you have been dying to work at home, now’s the perfect time! I have actually created a consultation site in case you need some help! […]

5 Money Making Methods


Tweet More and more people are looking to start a business now-a-days. Since job creation is still at a stand-still, and our future is uncertain, people have to adapt and create a future for themselves. Luckily, I got in on that early and have not had to struggle to find work. If you are one […]

Let Me Teach You How to Make REAL Money NOW


Tweet Get my coaching service for $170 the first month and learn how to make money right from your home. The monthly cost is $200 if you wish to continue after the first month. I can show you how to make at least $30,000 a year right from your own home. This is NOT what […]

Empower Your Money-Making Future With Positive Thought


Tweet This isn’t the usual blogging and marketing advice that you are familiar with on my blog. I did however, feel a need to get this message out because it has changed my life in a major way. For years, I have been bombarded with messages of positive thought, but I totally ignored them. I believed […]

Are You Ready to Get Rich in 2011?


Tweet It’s the beginning of the year, and I wanted to write something meaningful. Not only meaningful, but inspiring and hopefully life changing. I want you to be as inspired as I was when I was homeless and reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad at the library. After you read this article, your entire way of […]

Do You Truly Sacrifice for Change?


Tweet When I was a kid, I would fantasize about being rich. I even knew that it would happen before I became an adult (that didn’t happen). As a matter of fact, it took years beyond turning 18 before I made a significant amount of money on my own. As time went by, I realized […]

I Will Give You $100,000


Tweet Over the many years that I have been in business, I have made a lot of money. I will admit that it started slowly, with my first year only making a grand total of $500, but after that it was all downhill riding. My income has come from various ventures, with seo services, web […]

Questions Received Over the Months, & Answers to Them


Tweet Over the past few months, I have been asked many questions by readers. I felt it was time to compile them into a blog post to help out those of you who are looking for answers. If I do not answer a question here, feel free to post your question as a comment and […]

Your Blog Is Struggling Because…


Tweet There are so many blogs out there in which I interact with on a regular basis. Lots of them come back to me and comment, and I like to browse through old comments and click on the blog links. But do you know what happens when I do? Sometimes I come across a url with […]