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The Best WordPress Monetization Plugin Available

I can now officially declare OIOpublisher to be the best plugin available so far for providing ad slots on your site. I bought it today after being frustrated with the many free plugins out there for the same purpose. The problem with almost every free plugin available on the WordPress extend site is that they are not automated. In addition, they are limited to a single ad slot. You cannot place them in different areas of your template without custom programming.

Today I decided to pony up the $47 and pay for OIOpublisher professional which entitles me to free upgrades and participation in the OIO Marketplace which helps you sell your ad space.

I knew that the plugin would work by using their demo, and after I installed it in a few seconds flat, I put it to work for me. It is extremely easy to set up and it allows you to create multiple ad slots which you can then place the code for into widgets, or into the actual code of your template.

In addition to being easy to setup, it is completely automated if you want it to be. You don’t have to go and approve of an advertiser, or process the payment. It does all of that for you. It accepts many payment methods too.

I have to officially tell you to GO NOW and visit their site I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

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