The Darker Side of PLR

The main thing that holds people back is fear.  It isn’t that they do not have the ability to do something (anything IS achieveable), it is that they do not trust that they CAN do anything, and learn anything.

Many new Internet Marketers find this online world overwhelming.  They are often confused by conflicting information and lack the necessary basic understanding to take them forwards.  Not because they cannot learn, but because they have not found the right tutorial, teacher or teaching method.

One of the reasons for this is the plethora of people producing and selling products on topics they do not understand themselves.  This is the darker side of PLR.

It is too easy to buy a product that has PLR attached and take some simple steps to make it look a bit different from all the rest selling the same PLR product.  All you have to do is:

  • change the title,
  • create new cover graphics,
  • put your own name as the creator,
  • re-write the sales page.

You can then put it back on the market without ever having read it or understanding the content, and therefore not knowing if the method advocated actually works or not.  Some marketers don’t even make those basic changes before selling on.  They just buy a domain name and put the product straight back on the market.

How does any Internet Marketer tell the difference between genuine products that advocate proven methods and ones that are poorly produced and sold indiscriminately, especially when many of the testimonials are written without the writer having read or used the product either?

Many marketers create products that outline ‘proven methods of making money’ that are simply lies.  They are just ideas and the creator of the product has no proof that they work as they have never tested their theory on the open market.  They then give Private Label Rights (PLR) on their product, potentially creating a rush of buyers wanting to cash in on a pre-written document, and let other people sell it on without any verification of its feasability.  Once someone attaches an indication of potential earnings from the method to it then many buyers can be swayed into grabbing the product simply from the compelling sales page.

Of course the saving grace for all Internet Marketers is the money back guarantee offered through schemes such as Clickbank, but often once a product has been purchased this option is not taken up by the buyer, either because they don’t get round to actually looking closely at the product within the guarantee time frame, or they think it is themselves who are at fault rather than the method advocated.  This is particularly true of the new Internet Marketer who can feel quite daunted by technical wording and processes that they are unable to grasp at the beginning of their Internet Marketing career.

If you fall foul of this darker side of PLR use your right to ask for a refund before the guarantee runs out!

If you do use PLR products it is always best to assess the product thoroughly before you sell it on.  Don’t fall into the trap of selling poor quality or misleading products for the sake of saving a bit of time and getting something on the market.

In order to avoid the darker side of PLR you need to make all of your offerings stand out from the crowd.  The best way to do this is by having unique content.  Don’t throw any product you have obtained either through purchase or through a PLR membership site straight back onto the market without a serious re-write.

Look at the main thrust of the argument, the guiding theme of the product, and think about how you can present it in a different way.  Are there any glaring ommissions in the information offered?  Have you had an experience that would enahnce or illustrate the points being made?  Personal experiences are very valuable in your writing.  Your readers will see you as a real person they can identify with and will be more inclined to buy from you in the future if they think they know you.

In addition to the re-write don’t forget the other edits mentioned above – always:

  • change the graphics,
  • change the title,
  • re-write the sales page.

All of these steps will not only help the product to stand out against others that are selling the same PLR, but a good quality product will encourage your readers to come back to buy more.

And at the end of the day returning customers are your most valuable asset.  Don’t let the darker side of PLR tempt you into its shadows.

 The Darker Side Of PLR

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  1. Thanks, Mandy, for giving PLR advice to newbies. Hasn’t the recent Google Panda update penalized PLR websites? I think it prefers original content.
    Leo@Click Here´s last [type] ..CPA Salary

  2. Good article Mandy, thanks for posting.

    I couldn’t agree more, you need to make your content unique, not only for the search engines, but your visitors as well. I personally find it easier and faster to re-write something like plr articles than it is to write completely from scratch.

    The other thing I like about private label rights products is it gives me ideas on content and even titles when I’m stuck on what to write. Be it blog posts or even writing email messages.
    Ron@Private Label Rights´s last [type] ..Kindle Publishing For Beginners PLR Autoresponder Messages

  3. Hi Leo, yes, but what I am advocating here is using PLR as a starting point and changing it to make it unique.

    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy Allen @ Learn To Blog´s last [type] ..Facebook Has No Manners!

  4. Hi Ron, I also use PLR sometimes as a starting point. Sometimes just the title will give me a whole new blog post in my head without reading any further, other times I like to re-write what someone else has provided. We must always make it unique content, as you clearly state.

    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy Allen @ Learn To Blog´s last [type] ..Facebook Has No Manners!

  5. what is PLR??

    Love Your Life
    Serigala Militia´s last [type] ..Optimism For Pessimists

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