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The Effect of Mainstream Media on Americans

News has always been a large part of the American culture. The freedom of press laws in the United States allow the media to cover even the most sensitive topics. That’s why it was no surprise that for a few short hours
when a story broke about Russia suspending adoptions to American families, people believed it as fact. The surprise comes in when the State Department released a statement shortly after that adoptions were still being processed.

Freedom of press is very important for Americans because it tells us that we live in a free country. But our freedoms are not always a good thing. Might I bring your attention to the “freedom to organize” rights being exploited by the Westboro Baptist Church? Sometimes it is necessary to forgo our freedoms in exchange for doing the right thing according to the laws of “common sense”.

As a kid, I dreamt about becoming many different things when I grew up. One of those things was a reporter gathering the juiciest news, and getting the Pulitzer Prize. My ambitions were driven by fantasy tv shows like Lois and Clark. When I got older, I dropped that dream because I found that it was less glamor, and more about getting the scoop no matter who it hurt.

As an American, I find myself dreaming of drastic changes to our way of living. That’s why I voted for Barack Obama. I just knew that he would make some drastic changes rather than give excuses and collect paychecks. I am hoping that Americans will allow him a second term rather than giving up because he kept his promises. The problem is that most people are afraid of change, even though that is what they voted for. This is the reason that Obama’s approval ratings have dropped. If you noticed, his ratings dropped after he got health care to pass, and lowered taxes.

The press has a big impact on how people see their nation. We have independent press which cover both sides, and one-sided press which cover either democrat or republican stories. The one-sided press are the ones that saturate the news the most. Because of this, we find ourselves influenced by the latest story which was created by either side and handed down for publishing. We need to remove ourselves from this type of outside influence.

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I am an author, blogger, investor, musician, and internet marketer among other things. I believe that one person can do many things in life.

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