There’s an App for That…or Is There?

Hello everyone. I am scheduling this post to publish around the time I am making my way home to finish up some client projects and begin learning Flash and Flash Builder for AIR development.

When I am building my first flash apps and games, I will need something to work on. The reason I chose Flash for my development environment is that it is the ONLY environment that works across ALL platforms (i.e.; BlackBerry, iOS, Android) and all of the various smartphones and tablets out there. Of course there will be minor code changes for certain in-app purchases or what-not, but that’s not a concern of mine.

What I would like to use this post for would be an invitation for you to tell me what kind of apps would be the most useful to you. The term “there’s an app for that” isn’t necessarily accurate. For instance, I have yet to find a media player on my Kindle Fire that will play WMV format videos. I know of some people that wish there were a backup app that will clone their entire phone content and configuration as if it were a system iso which can be restored per their tastes and apps rather than factory settings. There are lots of potential apps which would be useful, and I invite you to comment below and tell me what you would like to see created for your phone or tablet.

 Theres an app for that...or is there?

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  1. I’ve never owned a iPhone, but I’m pretty sure they do not come with Flash… at least the older gens did not support flash.

  2. Sometimes I do think of things and I wonder if there’s an app for that and I just look it up in the play store and sometimes there is and sometimes there isn’t. How I wish I kept track of those I didn’t find an app for because now I can’t remember them. Hmmm, how about an app that provides you with a random simple, cheap and easy to cook meal plan for each day based on what the supplies you have stocked? You can put in everything you have and the quantity then you can schedule random meal plans for one week to pop up each day when you wake up.

  3. This is what makes Flash great. Since it’s compatible to all mobile operating systems, you won’t have problems in implementing the apps for different phones which means more market and easier way to reach those markets.

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