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Weird Ways to Make Money

My research into money making has brought me to some interesting websites. I have found many weird ways to make money. One such way was with a few lotto subscriptions. I know, it sounds bogus, but stick with me for a second. On the Illinois lottery website, I can get a mega millions subscription for $26. I got 5 of them. Week after week, I would win small amounts that added up to much more than my initial investment. You don’t have to hit the jackpot to recoup your money.

Another weird way to make money is by offering a space in your drive-way for rental parking. This tends to work in City areas that are prone to not having street parking because they are so packed with cars. You can actually rent someone your space for a couple hundred bucks as long as you have room for your car too.

One other way I have made some money was to get some stuff around the house that’s in the way, and offer it for a price on Craigslist. The difference between Craigslist and eBay is the fact that you won’t end up paying a fee to post on Craigslist. On top of that, you are more likely to sell something there too. The traffic is much different, and your item will stick out better.

I will keep an eye out for more weird ways to make money and keep you posted.

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