Wishing Everyone a Safe Halloween

I remember back when I was a kid. We would take a pillow case and scour the neighborhoods. We would walk through 2 connecting towns and cover a LOT of territory. Back then, we could go out on our own when we got a little older. Now-a-days, people can’t be trusted. Back then they couldn’t, but it was a bit safer than it is now. I would never let my kids do the things I was able to do back then.

Some safety tips…

  • Don’t assume your kids are safe because they are older. Kids can be kidnapped easily due to a lack of muscles, and a lack of common sense. They are KIDS people! Protect them!
  • Don’t let your kids just dive into the candy. Even back in my day, people put razor blades in the candy. Pay attention and be a parent to your kids. You are NOT their friend.
  • Curfews are here for a reason. Back when…we could be out until 11PM. Now I think it’s 8 in our area. Maybe sooner. The daylight is your friend.
  • Make sure your kids can be seen. Use a bright orange reflector or something and attach it to them. Make sure you walk with them to each house instead of hanging out at the end of the street and letting them go on their own hoping that they come back to you.

Stay safe!

 Wishing everyone a safe Halloween

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  1. We usually do a buddy system. My cousins always come home for Halloween and the bigger kids go with the smaller ones. It’s really fun actually because we sometimes dress in themes. The chocolate is really worth it too.

  2. It’s totally true, you’ll never when some people would take advantage of the situation. You should really monitor your kids while they go trick or treating and make sure that they stay safe all through the night.
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